Customer's with something to say...
What a delicious surprise!
We are most impressed with the tender loving care soups and will definitely be calling for
lunches-- please feel free to leave a bunch of fliers in our lobby.
We need all the good food that we can get around here. Lots of restaurants but little good-clean
How lucky are we that you have chosen to be in E-burg!
Thank-you for the sampling....jill
Hi Donald,
I just wanted to tell you guys that I haven't been home for more than 10 minutes and I have
already finished 1 bowl of your homemade cauliflower soup... and am about to start my 2nd. It's
so YUMMY!!! Thank you SO MUCH for opening your Organic soup restaurant here in East
Stroudsburg. We could'nt be happier! Stu and I were talking about your restaurant being the only
thing missing from this we are very grateful.

Great to meet you...

Hi Donald,
It was really nice meeting you last week. My sister and I really enjoyed the Lentil w/ sun-dried
tomato soup. Thank you for sending me your catering info...I was very impressed with the layout
and especially the themed menu selections. I hope this will inspire my son in Chicago.
Hope to visit you again soon. I will contact you in advance if I am coming to PA with my Organic

Good luck with your new venture! -
My co-worker George was interested in the wonderful Organic soup I had today ...
(Cream of Acorn Squash) If you wish you can add him to your e-mail list...

Thanks a million.

Just wanted to respond to this. I am the woman with the little baby. We love your food so much.
We are so happy that you are here. I live in Portland PA. so I travel to come there. It's worth it.
Thank you so much.

I just needed to tell you that my husband loved the ginger-teriyaki chicken sandwich, the
mango smoothie, the corn & shrimp chowder; lentil sun-dried tomato and the cream of acorn
squash far!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the soups and today I will defrost the corn
chowder. I am sure it will be as spectacular as the previously tasted soups.

Thanks for your talents and making my life easier and healthier at the same time.

Give my best to your Mom....

I had the Spicy Thai Shrimp soup and was it ever so good!!! Keep up the good

Hi Don,
Thank you so much for the soup (Louisiana Seafood Bisque) it's the best in town.
It was worth getting stuck in traffic. Please send me a menu for today. Thanks

PS - your soup was wonderful, but the garlic cheddar biscuits did not make it home, I think they
were gone before I rounded the corner - YUMMY!!!

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It was great to see you. Hope your travels home were uneventful. As usual, your food was
great-your Deviled Eggs and Rum Cake are off the Hook!!! You just keep getting better and
better. Enjoy the holidays and best wishes for a Happy & Prosperous New Year.
A Better Chance
Our kids don't usually like to eat their vegetables. Donald when you make them they eat theirs
and ours too... Just wanted to let you know,  that you are amongst our top three restaurants to eat
at in the Pocono's...
Your sandwiches are great, but your SOUPS are phenomonal, that has to be the best Seafood
Chowder I have ever tasted. Great batch...