Kreative Kuisine, Inc. featuring
"Outrageous Organic
All soups are still Wheat, Gluten & Dairy free...
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* We've been awarded "Best Soup", in the Pocono's
The Local Flair restaurant week contest.
"Kreative Kuisine Soups" are NOW being made available for direct delivery
from our freezers to your table...

Organic Soup pricing:

Vegetarian Soups $10 per quart
Poultry/Meat Soups $12 per quart
Seafood/Fish Soups $14 per quart
*Place your orders through Kreative Kuisine, Inc. direct, via voicemail or e-mail.
Free delivery for orders of $50 or more...
Special soup requests from our list encouraged, however require a (4) quart minimum purchase.
Week of:

This week's "Organic" selection will be:

Have a Soup au Naturale day!